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We have 10+ years experience in plane services

Ulacaero, which is happy to serve you with many years of experience in Rotax engines, general aircraft maintenance and spare parts, has reached its targets within the sector and has set new targets. It serves as the service center of German Companies AutoGyro and Czech TL-Ultralight, which are world leaders in the fields of sport and general aviation.

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Qualified and professional service

At Ulacaero, we provide the best service for your plane. Whether you are repairing parts or modifying an airplane, we are at your service whenever you need it.


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Periodic and general maintenance

The most important point in aviation is safety. The basis of safety also depends on the smooth operation of the aircraft used. As in every field, Ulacaero performs the operations in the best way to ensure that your aircraft can fly with high performance and safely at the service and maintenance point, where it provides service with its staff of professionals.

Defining the problems

One of the most important steps to ensure a safe and successful flight is the periodic maintenance of your aircraft. At this point, as the Ulacaero family, we meticulously carry out all the periodic maintenance that your aircraft needs. After providing the necessary checks of your aircraft, we explain the necessary changes to you and provide all the necessary maintenance perfectly.

Prepare the maintenance plan

Providing first-class maintenance services in its fully equipped hangar, Ulacaero can be accessed anytime and anywhere with the superior features of the inventories it uses. Ulacaero, which is always high in terms of safety, flight safety and product range, meticulously performs all maintenance planning for you to provide safe flight experiences.


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